The Winnerys Timeline

The Winnerys in another “Beatles Weekend” – Lille March 2019

Continuing with the concert tributes to The Beatles, The Winnerys embark on their way to Paris to play on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March in Lille (France) the songs of the first album of the most famous quartet of Liverpool: “Please, Please Me”.

09/03/2018 – Rock Indiana’s 11th Anniversary Party

This Wednesday, March 9 at 9:30 p.m., The Winnerys will play a couple of songs at the concert for the 11th anniversary of the Rock Indiana record label. Other groups of the label, such as Nominees or Champagne, will also be on the stage. 

The novelty is that the concert will be led by a band of people from different groups playing versions of songs from the history of Rock Indiana among which are Fausto Winnery as solo guitar and Nacho PĂșlsar-Shannons-and-more-recently-Winnery as drums.

The Winnerys in “The Beatles Weekend” – Liverpool August 2017

Still not recovering from the hangover produced by his last tour in the USA to present live the songs of his album “And .. The Winnerys” (Licensed by the world for the prestigious Rainbow Quart Records), The Winnerys embark on their third international tour: “The Beatles Weekend”.

From August 27 to 31 The Winnerys will move to Liverpool (UK) to participate in the new edition of “The Beatles Weekend” along with other bands from around the world. 

On this occasion, The Winnerys will only perform Beatles songs, mainly from their first album and songs like “Good Day Sunshine”, “When I Get Home”, “Dr Robert” … For more information, you can visit the website:

The Winnerys at the IPO Festival in Liverpool

On October 19, The Winnerys moved to the legendary Liverpool Cavern Club to join the International Pop Overthrow Festival. The Winnerys shared the stage with prestigious brands such as Bronco Bullfrog; American Suitcase; The Loves, Popgun; The Red Eyes …

Rainbow Quartz Records will license the album of The Winnerys worldwide 

The record label Rainbow Quartz Records (Responsible for the work of bands such as Cotton Mather, Grip Weeds, Rockfour, Shazam …) will be the seal that will be licensed for everyone “And … The Winnerys”, the debut album through Rock Indiana.

 Along with the release of this record, it is also expected to tour beyond our borders. Now you can visit The Winnerys website on the Rainbow Quartz website,.

The Winnerys selected for the first installment of the SPANISHPOPPERS compilation

The themes “Messages Inside” and “It’s Up To You”, extracted from The Winnerys model, were selected by Snap Records to be part of the first installment of the compilation series “SpanishPoppers”. 

Other participating bands are Bubblegum, Suzy & Los Quattro, Runarounds, Spanky Darth Vaders, Professor Popsnuggle …

The Winnerys selected for the compilation of the itinerant festival AUTUMN ALMANAC
The song “Breaking The Ice”, extracted from their album “And … The Winnerys”, was compiled on the album edited to mark the second edition of the traveling festival Autumn Almanac, a festival that toured much of the peninsula and had as special protagonists The Winnerys, the Scottish Farrah and Mr. Snoid.

The Winnerys will be part of the new edition of the festival MIRACLES FOR SALE

On February 28 The Winnerys will participate in the Miracles For Sale festival that will take place at the Auditori Les Basses in Barcelona. They will present live the themes that shape “And … The Winnerys” (Rock Indiana).

The Winnerys inaugurate newsgroup in YahooGroups

The Madrid quartet has just created its newsgroup in Yahoogroups. A free service in which you will be permanently informed of all its concerts and movements. A meeting point for fans and supporters of The Winnerys. To sign up you can or send a blank e-mail to

The Winnerys begin the tour of presentation of AND … THE WINNERYS

The next month of January will begin the tour of presentation of “And … The Winnerys”. a tour that will take them through the main stages of the peninsula to present live the themes that shape their debut album on Rock Indiana Records. 

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